Some Minor Changes…

My computer’s down and since I don’t know when it’ll be fixed, I’m going to have to pause on the blogging for a bit. Not to fear, o faithful readers (all four of you), I’ll be back soon and when I am, there are going to be some changes around here.

First, I think I’ve spelled out the Communist position as best as I can and, let’s face it, people don’t turn towards the blogosphere for political thought that doesn’t reinforce their own ideology (I’m not judging- I do the same). Instead, I’ll be recording my own little andventures as Communist in the glorious and noble struggle against Capitalism, the universe, and everything.

Second, the posts will now have pictures. Yay.

I can’t think of a third point, but I’m going to leave this sentence here to be confusing.


1 Response to “Some Minor Changes…”

  1. February 18, 2011 at 11:47 am


    This is the first time I’ve checked back on your blog in a very long time. Your posts on public policy are engaging, interesting and provocative and debate pretty much the whole range of topics. I applaud you for your thoughtfulness and originality, and I’d like to make a few observations/suggestions/comments/requests.

    While you have laid out a comprehensive public policy proposal, I’m sometimes uncertain of its underpinnings. Would you be open to discussing the theoretical foundations of Marxism at greater length, perhaps in relation not only to die-hard capitalists like Adam Smith and Ayn Rand, but other thinkers? I’m thinking of classical liberal economists like Friedrich Hayek, soft socialists like Richard Tawney and John Rawls, and harder socialist thinkers like G.A. Cohen. Perhaps this would give people an idea of what’s out there and why Marxism would be better than other alternatives. Also, one important issue you could perhaps discuss is that of freedom (or liberty). Many rigorous capitalists are so certain that capitalism is the only system that safeguards freedom, when that may not necessarily be the case. Positive vs. negative freedom, ancient vs. modern conceptions of freedom, freedom in Marx, freedom as non-interference (ala Hobbes) vs. freedom in Locke or John Stuart Mill or Rousseau, or more recently, Philip Pettit’s discussions of freedom as “non-domination” – all of these are different ideas about what freedom is.

    Also (and this is rather secondary) perhaps you could cite some sources. (I’m thinking particularly of your posts on corporations to avoid.) While I personally don’t doubt that these corporations are engaged in the immoral behavior you describe, perhaps a simple reference to a news publication or report of some sort would convince those of your readers who might be in doubt and spur them on to further action.

    Those are just my thoughts. Keep up the good work! America and the world need blogs like yours.

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